English Leather Show Elasticated Stud Girth Silver Buckles Havana Brown 50''

English Leather Show Elasticated Stud Girth Silver Buckles Havana Brown 50''

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Name of Item: Leather Padded Stud Girth

Colour: Brown

Sizes: 50'' & 52'' / 125cm & 130cm

Product Description:

- Leather Stud Girth has an anatomic design that gives maximum freedom of movement and a Leather Liner.

- Made from an innovative leather, that out performs with great characteristics of leather. The durable leather is used for the stud girth. This is very strong and also easy to clean.

- It his very resistant to knocks and scratches and absorbs the biggest shocks thanks to it €™s shock absorbing foam.

- Softer leather, it will not crack at the sides with friction nor when the horse begins to sweat.

- The Stud Girth is easily washed with a damp cloth with warm soapy water.

- The buckles and D rings are made from strong Stainless steel.

- The buckles also attach to heavy-duty and durable double elastic straps.

- Training aids also attach the D rings.

- Fitted with Stainless Steel buckles and also D-rings on the side and middle to attach training aids to.

- Leather Stud Guard Girth with Buckle is made from high quality soft leather.

- The generous stud guard area offers a high level of protection against your horse striking his belly over fences.

- It has cross-elastic inserts for even pressure distribution over a wide area, and is also shaped for a comfortable fit. This therefore allows free movement of the horse €™s elbow and shoulder.

- The loop and strap fittings, together with the side clips, allow for easy attachment of martingales, breastplates and training aids.